Creating the list of Participants


You must use this ile when creating the list of Participants.

Open the file and make sure you ‘Enable Content’ in order for the built-in Macro to work.

Enter the 9-digit ID into cell B1

Enter the participant details from row 5 onwards; 1 row for each participant.

Do not delete row 4 - This row must contain the column headers.

The Username, Password, Last Name and Shares fields are mandatory.

You can now either enter the participant details or paste them from an existing spreadsheet

Username and password formats are not prescribed therefore any information can be used e.g. unit number, date of birth, employee ID number etc.

The shares column will dictate how many votes a participant has, if weighted voting is used. For example, if an individual owned 4 units within a development, they may be entitled to 4 votes, the number 4 should therefore be entered into the shares column.

Please be aware the following characters are not supported within any of the data fields:

Comma ,

Double Speech Mark "

Backslash \

Once you have entered the information for all participants, click the Save Csv On Desktop button, located in row 2. This will create a properly formatted file on your desktop.