Reporting Portal

Its important for anyone using Portals to read this page carefully. Incorrectly assigning reports could lead to a data breach. All Reports must be limited to only SOME USERS that you create for your event.

To publish to the portal we first want to create a category for your event

  • Go to
  • Enter LUMIHOLD01 in the account field and your login information.
  • Go to Admin
  • Click Reporting
  • Select Portal

Here you will see the Connect by Lumi Portal home

  • Click Content tab
  • Select Manage Categories
  • From the drop down click Report Categories
  • In the bottom left click the Add Category
  • Add your Event Name
  • In description add your OpCo initials
  • Drag your category to the top of the list
  • Click Save

Next we will create the Portal User. Portal Users are free to create and must always be limited to see the reports you wish them to see. Portal usernames cannot match their approval account.

  • Click the Visibilty tab
  • Select Add User
  • Click Create Portal User
  • Add First Name
  • Add Last Name
  • Add Email Address
  • Leave View Secure Fields as No
  • Click Create

An email from Portal Manager will be received for the user to set up their account. The will need to set their password before entry.

The password must contain both numbers and letters and be 8 to 20 characters. The password cannot contain symbols or spaces.

Now we have the category and user we can create the report. Cvent has over 29 default Event Reports which can be customised for each event. Once you have run your report these can be published to our portal for you clients to view or exported as pdf\excel. Be sure to set the end date far into the future so data updates every time the report is accessed.

Unsure which report to run? Click this link

Invites do not appear to send automatically so

  • Run the report you require
  • Click Actions
  • Save the Report, this will open further options
  • Click Publish to Portals

It is essential you NEVER publish to all users as this will result in a potential data breach.

  • Select Publish to Portal Yes
  • Content Visible to: SOME USERS
  • Select you user from the list
  • As a precaution leave Notify User to No as this sends an email instantly to the select users.
  • Click Save

Now we move your report into the category. Keeps everything neat.

  • Go to Admin
  • Click Reporting
  • Select Portal
  • Click Edit
  • Use the up\down arrow to drag your report into your category
  • Click Save

You should now see your report under your category using your own account details. Your User can now log in to see the report.

You should now see your report under your category using your own account details. Your User can now log in to see the report.