What Are The Benefits of

Electronic Voting?

There are a wide variety of benefits to utilizing the Electronic-Vote platform for your next meeting or AGM, here are just a few of them to help contextualize the importance of this platform.

Voting can be open for days, weeks or months. The core ‘behind the scenes’ infrastructure can handle tens of thousands of responses over a lengthened voting period

Messages and questions can be sent to the Board prior to the meeting

You can see a snapshot, dynamic view of the Electronic-Votes whilst the poll is open

The shareholder can change their vote as many times as they like during the electronic voting window

Allows for maximum engagement and volume of votes cast

Complete transparency on how each individual shareholder has voted if required

Easy transition between the Electronic-Voting period and the meeting day makes for a seamless user experience

Instant reports available

We can split voting (percentage, number of votes)

Ability to add new 'Questions' if needed

Can include legal voting questions (for, against, abstain)

The shareholder can then attend the live meeting and override any votes they have cast previously

Fully integrated into the core Lumi meeting management software

Highly inclusive method that doesn’t alienate your shareholders

Compatible with all types of meeting (in-room, hybrid or virtual)

The platform also has the ability to allow your shareholders to vote on Board elections

Greater accessibility to wider shareholder base