Is Electronic Voting secure?

Cybersecurity is at the top of everyone’s agenda these days, and there are many ways to keep a digital AGM secure, from anti-hack platforms to enhanced security protocols and secure cloud-based networks. Anyone using our electronic voting platform has to go through an authentication process using credentials they are sent in advance of the event – without these, they cannot gain access to the meeting.

Security is critical to a successful meeting utilizing electronic voting and a meeting’s integrity depends on both the certainty and security of the identification of shareholders/members and access to this secure list, to ensure these virtual participants are who they claim to be. Take for example, our patented Lumi technology; it is a certified platform (Via AWS) and regularly PEN tested by third parties (leading financial institutions and government bodies) and has been independently proven to be accurate and secure.

Regardless of the medium, be that physical, hybrid or virtual, our unique technology uses a secure, encrypted network. The network is monitored by our team throughout the event and creates a clean network that is maintained from start to finish.