From Email

First you need to decide which email address you wish your communications to be sent from. This appears as the From email address from the email provider and also forms the footer of the email.

The quickest method is for the Product team to create a shared mailbox with address. Please specify...

  • What address you require.
  • Which colleagues should be added as members.

This usually takes 60 minutes to appear in your desktop Outlook mailbox. Please account for time to set this up prior to the event.

If your client wants to to use a specific email then your OpCo Cvent admin needs to

  • Request Cvent support add the specific @clientdomain to the Lumi account.
  • This can be actioned through the chat function on with the following request. "Please add to account email address for account LUMIHOLD01".

This process can take between 1 - 4 days as we also require the email address to accept the verification.

Once the mailbox has been create or the domain added, we need to confirm the email address is live.

  • In Cvent go to Admin button and hover over the Account tab to access the mega menu.
  • In the third column you will see Account Email Addresses which will open a new window.

You will see all the current email addresses within our account.

  • Click Add Email Address and insert or client address with a From Name.
  • Click Save and Send Confimation this will automatically send token to the email address which needs to be confirmed before the email address is usable within the Lumi Account.
  • If you need to resend the confirmation, click the down arrow next to the unconfirmed address and select Resend Confirmation Email
  • You can now create your event in Cvent.