Email Design

Once you have created your event the next step is to design your email.

  • Hover over Promotion and Communication
  • Click Event Emails

Note, the default invitation list is selected, if you create a new invitiation list then use the drop down to select it. We will come on to this in the next slide.

By Default the following are active:

Invite email including weblink to Registration

Approval Pending notification

Registration Confirmation with Usernames, Password and QR Code

Approval Denied Notification

  • Unactivate all non essential default emails by toggling them off.

Note the Create Email button on the right if you need to create a new email template.

  • Click Invitation.

You can now change;

The name of the email template

The subject line that will appear on the email. You can remove the data tag and replace with normal text. The data tag reads in from the basic information section when you set up the event.

You can remove the from name data tags and replace with normal text. The data tags read in from the event planner section when you set up the event

If you set up the event before adding the account email address you can select the added address from the drop down menu

  • Click Save.
  • Click Design email.

Headers and footers are separate from the content email.

  • Click the drop down on the left and scroll to the bottom to update this information.

For the Header you can insert an image 600px x 150px.

Back in the Design email section you can drag and drop elements on to the stage and edit all aspects of the template.

Where ExampleContactFirstName is seen this reads in your invitation list and personalises it for the receiptiant. If you want to change this click the data tag symbol and select your required tag.

The initial Invite email will include a data tag to link to the registration page, ensure you keep {[E-RSVP YES LINK]} {[E-RSVP NO LINK]} No access to the Event Website until registration is approved.

Approved Registrations email will include Username and Password for Lumi AGM Mobile so you will need to add the following custom data tags, you can copy these into the text editor. Username: {[C-ANSWER:username]} Password: {[C-ANSWER:password]}

You can inlcude hyperlinks to Lumi AGM but not attachments.

You can also generate a QR code to the event and attach it to an email if required.

  • Once you are finished click Save.