Event Configuration

  • Click Create New event
  • Select create a new event with New Standard Registration Flex event

You will be requested to fill in...

Basic information

Title - Name of your Event

Category - Conference


Time Zone - Select your event's time zone

Registration deadline - Set as 1 minute before your end date and time

Start Date - The starting time and date of your event

End Date - The end time and date of your event


Enter your event details

Event Planner

Enter the details that you want your communications to come from and from the drop down select the email address added.

  • Click Next

You will now select the features you want to add to your event. For email only events you need to add skip the first page and second page.

  • On the first pagee, Planning, select Event Resources
  • On the third page, Promotion and Communication, select

Email invitations


Invitation Lists

Custom Data Tags

  • Click Finish to create the event