Upload Internal Questions

Ensure Event Resources has been added to Event Configuration inorder to bulk upload, you can only upload 1000 at a time.

If you event is not launched then do not delete data when you launch or this information upload is lost.

We now need to upload internal information which contain the username and password from Lumi AGM Mobile.

Your excel template must have...

  • Ensure Feedback survey is selected as part of you event Configuration.
  • Go to Invitee Management .
  • Under Import click Internal Information.
  • Browse to the import file.

First Name

Last Name

Email Address

Confirmation Number - you don't need to fill in this column

1. Username

2. Password

You can see check the upload was successful by

  • Go to Invitee Management.
  • Manage.
  • Invitees & Registrants.
  • Select a user.
  • Go to Answer tab.
  • In the survey section set display to Internal Information.