Approving Emails

Once a registration has been completed the user will a registration pending email.

To approve the Registration...

  • Go to
  • Enter LUMIHOLD01 in the account field and your login information.
  • Hover over Invitee Management.
  • Click Uploaded Documents.
  • Certify the uploaded documents.
  • Hover back over Invitee Management.
  • Click Invitees and Registrants.
  • Click the arrow and approve or deny the Invitee.

If the registration is approved then an email is automatically sent to the registrant containing

The auto-generated confirmation number A link to the content website Username and Password for Pre-voting Apple Wallet card and QR code for attending the meeting physically

When the confirmation number is generated then a report will be sent to Lumi AGM (or accessed via a portal).

The confirmation number will be inserted into Lumi AGM core software as the registrants web attendee ID.

This will enable the software to recognise the QR code in the email.

If the approval is rejected the registrant will receive a regret email.