Board Platform

Our AGM solution consists of 2 parts, the Board Platform and the Member Platform.

Board Members of the organisation connects to a Zoom platform that allows them to share their video, audio, or company presentations. A Lumi technician is on hand to assist with as many rehearsals as required to ensure that the Board is comfortable with the proceedings during the AGM.


Extensive measures are taken to make the Zoom call as secure as possible. These include:

  • Locking the Zoom meeting as soon as all the Board Members have connected.
  • Call details are only shared with the Board Members or anyone that must participate in presenting or speaking to members during the AGM.
  • Additional security measures (our security document can be made available on request).

A Lumi Producer can manage the muting/unmuting and slides, should Board Members not be comfortable with doing so.


Lumi requirements

  • A list of Board Members that need to receive an invitation to the Zoom platform
  • Dates that suit Board Members to rehearse (we recommend 2 rehearsals: one with just the Chair and a second rehearsal with the full Board)
  • A copy of the final version of the PowerPoint presentations that will be displayed during the meeting for members
  • Any videos that the organisation wishes to show to members
  • A Chairman’s Script, or an Agenda of the meeting

Lumi uses rendering software to “cast” the video from the Board Member Platform to the Member Platform for all members to see.

Please note:

Should you prefer to use your own webcast supplier and thus not use the Board Platform, this is not a problem. Lumi can share the format required for the video to still be included in the Member Platform.