Member Registration & Communication


For some Member or Homeowner Associations, it is important to know who is planning to attend the AGM. For auditing purposes, it is also a requirement for these members to submit all of the required information and documentations to ensure that they have the right to vote.

How Lumi Assists

Lumi’s member registration platform allows members to register and submit all the required documentation required. Our system also allows for multiple “types” of members to register and submit information specific to their requirements.

That means that members who own properties that are held under a company or trust, can submit a resolution allowing the member to vote at the meeting, or individual owners of properties can submit a copy of their ID, for example.

Once a member has registered, an email is sent to the organisation to review and approve/deny the member’s registration.

Once approved, the member will receive additional details relating to the upcoming meeting, including how to access the meeting.

Should a member be denied registration, an email will be sent to the member with a reason why the registration was denied as well as a contact person at the organisation that can be contacted to resolve the issue.

Lumi requirements

  • A header image (600px x 150px)
  • The “from” name from which the emails will be sent (note that we can use your company email address, but this takes between 1-4 days to set up)
  • A list of members that are invited to register for the meeting
  • A list of fields that members are required to complete when registering (including a list of any documentation)
  • The email address that needs to receive the registration requests from members to review, approve or deny registrations received

Content/text for the following emails:

  • Invitation (if used)
  • Approval pending notification
  • Registration confirmation
  • Approval denied notification

Please note:

Should you not need assistance with member registration, Lumi can still assist with member communication or alternatively, provide you with a list member access credentials to distribute.