In-Room Participants

The Lumi keypad voting devices are used at thousands of AGMs, legislative meetings and elections every year. Allow members in the room to participate in the following ways:


Lumi will set up a registration station at your venue where members will register. Upon arrival, they will provide the organisation’s registration staff with proof of identity (or membership if required).

Once verified on the Lumi system, they will be registered and receive a Lumi device with a Smartcard. The member then proceeds to enter the room where they will receive further instruction on how to vote on resolutions or elections.

Should members prefer to use their own internet enabled device (for a Hybrid meeting), this is also not a problem. The member requires a username and password to access the Member Platform, similarly to your virtual attendees.

Lumi requirements:

  • A list of members that are invited to the AGM including their voting rights

In-Room Participation

Members that are present in the room where the meeting will be held, will use their Lumi device to vote on resolutions and elections. Verbal questions can be asked via the built-in microphone of each device.

Results that are displayed after voting is completed, will include both in-room and virtual participants. Via a comfort monitor or iPad, all virtual participant questions or comments can be displayed for the Chair to view and respond to.

Lumi requirements

  • The name of the venue and room that will be used for the meeting
  • Space at the entrance of the room to setup our registration stations, including:
  • Tables
  • Tablecloths
  • Chairs for registration staff
  • Electricity
  • Contact details of the Audio-Visual company that will take care of the sound and screen requirements
  • A table close to the Audio-Visual team inside of the room from which we will “run” the voting to display on all screens (for both in room and virtual participants)
  • All resolutions, elections or motions that will be polled
  • A company PowerPoint Template
  • Any unique voting requirements that we need to be aware of?
  • Any proxy votes submitted
  • Any Chair or Director votes (so that the Directors and/or Chair does not need to vote live during the meeting while running presentations)
  • An indication of whether you wish to use single motion (one by one) polling, or multi-motion polling