Member Authentication

Members log in to a meeting specific URL with their unique credentials (a username and password communicated with them in advance).

These credentials tie members to their voting ‘rights’, and thus votes/elections/discussion can be limited to certain profiles if required.

Lumi assists with sharing access credentials with members via email if required. Should you prefer to take care of communicating these credentials with your members, Lumi will provide you with a list of credentials.

Lumi Requirements

  • A list of members that are invited to register for the AGM including their voting rights (properties owned, for example)
  • Any proxies submitted

If Lumi is assisting with member communication around the AGM, please supply us with:

  • A header image (600px x 150px)
  • The “from” name from which the emails will be sent (note that we can use your company email address, but this takes between 1-4 days to set up)
  • Content for the email that Lumi will send to members containing access credentials to the Member Platform