Types of Meetings

Choosing the right format for your AGM is vital to the success of your meeting.

Lumi’s flexible solution integrates the online and in-room experience for member meetings giving you the flexibility to hold either a virtual meeting, in room meeting, or a combination (hybrid).

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Virtual Meetings

A virtual AGM is a meeting where all participants attend the AGM remotely, using an online platform which allows members to vote, ask questions and participate electronically in real-time, rather than attend the meeting at a physical venue.

Our fully authenticated member platform allows members to log in securely where they will see the Board or Trustees and their presentations, live. Members can view information about the AGM, cast their vote and post any comments or questions relating to the AGM.

Should the organisation prefer, members can also ask verbal questions for the Board or Trustees to respond to.

Hybrid Meetings

A hybrid AGM shares characteristics of both a traditional and a virtual meeting, allowing members to opt between attending the meeting in person at a physical venue or attending the meeting online.

Members in the room will receive a Lumi device at registration whereas members attending virtually will log in to our member platform where they will view proceedings in the room as well as cast their vote and participate in Q&A.

In-Room Meetings

Lumi assist at in room meetings by allowing members to vote and participate in Q&A via a Lumi device.

Typically handed out at registration where member documentation is verified, these devices include a card that contains each member’s shareholding.

Members vote via the Lumi devices on resolutions or elections and results are displayed on screen for all to see. Each device also includes a built-in microphone that can be used during the Q&A of the meeting.