Virtual Participants – Vote on Resolutions or Elections:

Our Member Platform allows members to partake in proceedings in the following ways...

1. View Information

Share important information about the AGM with members to view during the meeting. This can include any announcements or documentation relating to the meeting.

Lumi requirements:

  • Any information or documentation that you wish to display to members

2. Participate in discussions

Members can post comments and questions to the Board via the texting facility of the Member Platform. The board can respond to these during the question and answer session of the meeting. All questions are saved in the system and can be provided to the organisation afterwards.

Lumi requirements:

  • Questions and comments can be moderated. We need an indication as to whether the organisation wishes to have moderation switched “on” or “off”.
  • Should moderation be switched on, the organisation needs to allocate a Moderator to Lumi to assist with moderating and publishing appropriate messages to the Member Platform.

3. Vote on Resolutions or Elections

Real-time, instantaneous results speed up the entire voting process, no matter the size or complexity of your resolution, motion or election.

When a vote is opened, a voting screen will appear on the Member Platform. Members can select the appropriate option that they wish to vote for.

Multiple resolutions? Consider Multi-Motion voting

On-screen prompts such as “Please Vote”, “Vote Received” ensures that members are comfortable as to the accuracy and validation of their votes.

Once all votes have been collected, results are displayed on screen for all members to view. Results include any proxy votes that were submitted to Lumi before the meeting.

Lumi Requirements

  • All resolutions, elections or motions that will be polled
  • A company PowerPoint Template
  • Any unique voting requirements that we need to be aware of?
  • Any proxy votes submitted
  • Any Chair or Director votes (so that the Directors and/or Chair does not need to vote live during the meeting while running presentations)
  • An indication of whether you wish to use single motion (one by one) polling, or multi-motion polling