Require Quote

Should they select the “Require Quote” option, the bot will ask them the following questions:

  • What type of meeting they are planning (virtual, hybrid, in-room)
  • Where the meeting will be held
  • The date of the meeting
  • How many members/shareholders are on their database
  • How many members/shareholders typically attend their meeting
  • Will voting on resolutions or elections be required

Once the answers to the above questions are supplied, the chat closes automatically. The quote request is routed to the correct Lumi Subsidiary based on the country that the visitor is in. The request will also be transferred to Salesforce automatically to make it easy to prepare a formal quotation if required. All the known information about the lead will also be transferred to Salesforce (Company name, telephone numbers etc).

If it is a new lead, the email that the Lumi team will receive will look as follows

If it is an existing lead or contact in Salesforce, the email the Lumi Team will receive will look as follows.