Visitor Information

By looking at the panel on the right side of the chat, you will be able to see:

  • Information about the visitor (name, company and contact details if received)
  • The last page seen
  • The time he/she last was online

Once the chat with the visitor is completed, you will have one of 2 options

  • The visitor query has been dealt with and no action needs to be taken. In this case, mark the chat as closed. The chat will disappear thereafter.
  • The visitor query needs to be referred to another Lumi team member to assist. In this case, do the following: Copy the chat into the following field located in the right panel of the inbox (see right)

You can also just type a short summary of the chat or actions required in this field as well, if you prefer to not copy and paste the entire chat history into this field. Once completed, change the “Live Chat Completed” field to “Yes”.

Be sure to save the fields you just completed by clicking on the “save” button. You can now mark the chat as completed.

Once saved, an email will be generated to the correct Lumi Team based on the country that the visitor supplied us with when he/she started the chat. All of the submitted information will be transferred to Salesforce and an email will be sent to the corresponding team.

The contact/lead can be accessed in Salesforce by clicking on the link at the bottom of the email and can be converted (where applicable) if a formal quotation is required.