Why Hybrid Meetings are Important for Companies and Membership Organisations

There is a wealth of reasons why hybrid meetings are becoming so popular and encouraged, not just across the UK, but across many regions in the world, here’s a few of them...

Anyone Can Speak

The classic format of an annual meeting leans more towards the vocal members of a group and doesn’t cater well for people who don’t feel comfortable raising issues or questions in front of a large room of people, especially if the point is controversial.

Save Time

Having some (or even all) of the votes done electronically either in the building via audience response technology or using online voting tools for the remote attendees, it saves a vast amount of time and counts votes instantly.

Anyone Has The Ability To Attend

A traditional annual meeting requires their attendees to physically be at the location on the set day/s they are held, however this isn’t always achievable for everyone who wants to attend and often leads to increased proxy voting. The meeting isn’t just for the business or organization, it is a chance for all stakeholders or members to get involved and have their say.

Improve Engagement with Younger Demographics

Understanding and opting the technology heavy world we live in is vital to the success of your future meetings, not adapting and evolving your annual meeting is a sure fire way to decrease engagement and lower attendance or member retention (In the case of membership organizations).

Less Margin for Error

With some of the votes being automatically and electronically logged instantly there is much less margin for error, as opposed to the classic hand raise or ballot boxes of old.