Instant Results

As well as viewing the voting responses within the presentation, the results can be outputted to a Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet. The voting report also provides the raw data of how each handset or attendee responded to each question and a summary of scoring.

The system offers a on-click reporting to Excel, just click the 'Create Reports' button to view all the valuable data you just collected.

Advanced Analysis

Gain perspective on your results. ViewPoint’s analysis features allow you easily analyze results during or after your meeting.

Demograpghic Split

Learn what insight exists across various segments. Simply split voting results into a variety of demographics—like gender, region, age or any other characteristic of interest.


Ask a question to establish a baseline, and after the presentation, ask the same question again—both sets of results are shown instantly, making it easy to gauge progress.


Revisit any polling question at any time throughout your presentation to highlight previous results or to view results you chose to hide the first time around.