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Trusted technologies that streamline AGM and transform Conferences & Events

Who is Lumi?

Lumi is the leading player in software for real-time audience engagement technology worldwide. Lumi facilitates the smooth and reliable running of Annual General Meetings for listed companies, partnerships, unincorporated associations and other member-based organisations. Lumi serves the meetings and events industry with both in-the-room and cloud based solutions and event apps.

Richard Taylor the CEO here at Lumi, explains who we are, and what our technology can offer you

Evolving Annual General Meetings

Lumi is the power behind many of the world’s shareholder meetings, streamlining the voting process and transforming traditional AGM. Whether it be e-polling or paper ballot cards, we facilitate simple, secure voting as well as transparent and moderated question and answer sessions with engaged shareholders, participating in the room or remotely from anywhere in the world.

Advance Legislative Meetings and Elections

Wherever they are in the world, Lumi brings all your members together on one sophisticated platform. With instant results and comprehensive reporting, your Legislative Meetings and Elections will be transformed, delivering a flawless experience for organizers and attendees.

Create Interactive Events

Lumi’s cutting-edge event apps transform events and engage audiences – whatever the size. With just the device in their pocket, audiences can explore events, join discussions and interact with speakers, attendees and organizers before, during and after.

Our Clients