Workflow explained

Step 1

All shareholders will be required to register online for the webcast before cut-off date (e.g. 72 hours before meeting)


Registration site set-up by Lumi

Easy-to-use interface and mobile optimizedRegistration data is available to registrar via online report portal

Most updated data is available on the online report portal

Step 2

Registered shareholders receives acknowledgement email


Registrar will validate online registration data to ensure it is a valid shareholder

Registration closes 72 hours before AGM

Email with log-in credentials will only be sent to verified shareholders

Step 3

Verified shareholders received log-in credentials email


Access to online meeting via clickable web link

Unique username and password assigned to each shareholder

Ability to limit one device per log-in

Step 4

Easy log-in for shareholders with the credentials


No need to download App, access via web browser

Compatible with mobile phones, tablets and computers

Step 5

Report containing online attendance will be made available to company