Project Manager

A dedicated Lumi Project Manager is assigned to every event and will be on hand throughout to ensure your meeting is a success.

With a multitude of solutions at our disposal there is an application to suit every need.

Below, Ben (Business Developement Manager, Lumi UK) explains how we can help streamline your AGM.


Typically your dedicated Lumi Project Manager will contact you 4 weeks before the event date but we can be flexiable to your timescales.


If you plan to send 100,000+ emails, these generally are split into batches and won't send instantly. This is because email servers do not want to block other events from being able to communicate.

Email Communication

An event is nothing without attendees, so ensuring your meeting information is communicated effectively is important.

Your Lumi Project Manager can help brand and design, personlised emails which give the invitee the option to attend virtually by supplying username and passwords but can also include barcodes\QR codes to act as in-room attendance cards. If you want to seperate your in-room attendees from your virtual, we can create seperate targetted campaigns.

We can also split communications so log in information is received in either two emails or email and SMS.

As a rule, we do not include attachements as they can be misinterpreted as viruses but hyperlinks allow you to further engage with the receipient and help them to find to navigate to the information you want them to see.

Content Website

Content websites are a great way to communicate important meeting information to your attendees. Lumi can provide branded and customisable event specific sites that host documents, detail instructions or highlight POIs on maps.


Pre-Voting is when organisations give their members the opportunity to cast their votes days, weeks or even months before their meeting Our new platform, which has been designed specifically for member based organisations and associations, allows for your members to login and cast their votes electronically in advance of your meeting – for a time period that you decide. Only authenticated members can access the Pre-Voting platform

Ben (Business Development Manager, Lumi UK) helps explain the solution.

The process is very straightforward, we have broken down all the stages of working with the Pre-Vote platform below. Rest assured, we will be with you every step of the way to ensure the smooth transition and adoption of this method for your members.