Single Motion

Lumi can run a variety of voting questions but when it comes to legal meetings, most requirements revolve around more traditional For, Against and Withheld\Abstain voting. Users can still vote for these options when a poll is opened by pressing 1, 2 or 3 on the keypad corresponding with their chosen direction.

Multi Motion

To combat the often large number of resolutions a company can have and the time it takes to vote upon all of the them at the end of the meeting, Lumi has a new method of voting, called Multi Motion Voting (MMV).

When enabled, MMV allows all resolutions to be opened at once at the start of the meeting, providing members with increased time to vote upon all resolutions using the handset at their leisure, effectively becoming an electronic paper poll card. members use the blue trackball to scroll through the list of resolutions and use the numeric keys to select the direction they wish to cast their vote.


Use the IML Connector to facilitate a fast, efficient and secure electoral process for organisations. The system operates on a 'first past the post' (FPTP) polling system. The program also provides motion voting, a public display and polling and attendance reporting.

Kiosk Voting

Kiosk voting gives meeting attendees the opportunity to electronically cast their vote at any point during the meeting whilst the voting is open.

The process combines the accuracy and speed of electronic voting with the intuitiveness of a paper poll card and the screen can be branded and customised.