Allowing everyone to speak.

  • Activated on request
  • Chairman has full control over Q&A
  • Microphone in the hand of every shareholder
  • Display current and next speaker


Q&A is a key feature in all legal meetings and the voting keypad can be used to make this process far more easier and seamless than traditional handheld microphones. Because users are identified with their inserted smartcard, when enabled, they can join a Speaker Queue.

When the Chairman announces the opening of the Q&A session, a member can join the queue by pressing the speaker button and confirming their desire to ask a question. The Chairman will be presented with a list of all member who wish to ask a question, in his own time he can verbally read out any name from that list and at which point that members handset microphone will become active.

To ask a question, the member simply speaks into the corner of the handset as with any microphone. Once they have finished the headset microphone can be instantly disabled, ready for the chairman to answer and the next person in the queue to be invited to speak