Lumi’s AGM software allows meeting attendees to self-register at the start of the meeting, speeding up the registration process.

  • Fast and reliable registration
  • Scan barcodes or QR codes
  • Search accounts and attendees
  • Set alerts and notifications
  • Customisable settings ensuring compliance
  • Fully auditable
  • Optional signature capture


A member’s journey begins at registration. Because all Lumi products are integrated, it becomes a seamless process to include or exclude the various forms of voting we offer, we understand that not all members have the same needs and therefore different forms of voting may be required.

In most cases a member will have an attendance form, using this the registration clerk can locate the members account, for whatever reason they do not have an attendance card, the clerk can manually locate the account using a host of different fields.

Once the account has been located, the registration clerk simply registers that member to a smartcard, the smartcard is a credit card sized card with an electronic chip that enables us to link the member to their account. It contains no sensitive information other than the members name.

This card can be inserted into any voting handset, providing added flexibility from being able to easily swap out a keypad if required. When the card is inserted, the handset will display a welcome message and the members name on the screen, there is an optional feature that provides the member with the ability to see the number of votes they hold on the screen if required.

In some cases those who will be in attendance at the meeting will be known in advance, in this case Lumi can use this list to pre-register smartcards and affix names to them prior to arriving at the meeting, this provides optional opportunities to distribute in pre-arranged packs that can be handed out at the meeting or even posted out to members beforehand.