Kiosk Voting

Kiosk voting gives meeting attendees the opportunity to electronically cast their vote at any point during the meeting whilst the voting is open.

It has been designed to be as easy to use as a paper poll card whilst retaining the accuracy and speed of electronic voting.

How Does Kiosk Voting Work?

Once the attendee has scanned their code, a voting screen will appear that tells the attendee the number of votes they have and information on available resolutions.

To vote, attendees scroll the list of resolutions and make their choices on the relevant options. Once complete, they press ‘Next’ and move on.
A confirmation screen appears, listing the resolutions and how they intend to vote. When the attendee presses the ‘Submit’ button, a ‘Vote Received’ message appears, to confirm receipt of the vote.

Once the voting period closes, the scrutineers report can be instantly generated and provided to the company.

“At its most simplistic, the process enables a registrar to set up and run a whole meeting that is entirely paperless, from one machine.”

Steve Longley, Head of Product Development at Lumi further explains what Kiosk voting is