• Save the Date
  • Invitation
  • Confirmation
  • App Download
  • Branded
  • Multi-lingual


  • Speaker Management
  • Housing & Travel
  • Group Booking
  • Guest Registration
  • Waitlists
  • Capacities
  • Data Collection
  • Resource Management
  • Approval Process
  • Custom Fields
  • Limit Access
  • Question Logic

More Information on the solution can be found below


Professional, user-friendly event websites that are both mobile friendly and can be updated dynamically.

Dynamic Online Registration

Let us replace your spreadsheets and paper forms with dynamic, multi-track, multi-session online event registration.

Email Marketing

We can provide emails for every eventuality and ensure that you are truly targeting each audience by creating separate email campaigns based on the invitation list.

Venue Sourcing

The venue sourcing solution provides a centralised location for all your RFPS across your organisation

Event Configuration

An unbundance of features that you can choose to configure to ensure you cover every aspect of your event

Speaker\Abstract Management

Speaker\Abstract Management allows you to collect papers from speakers or accept public proposals via a dedicated website and assign them to sessions or presentations in your event.