With the global switch to virtual meetings, Lumi have developed LumiLive, a fully virtual meeting experience and production.

The Chairperson, Message Moderator and Lumi Producer can either be in the same room or work together remotely.

Pre-event we will link together the live event, polling system and audience broadcast ready for a full rehearsal.

We will provide the Chairperson with a script to explain the process and to base the live event around. Click for a guide on Chairing a meeting

We will also instruct the designated Message Moderator on how to manage the messages being sent from the audience and how to push to the Chairperson. Click for a guide to Message Moderating

During the live meeting we will record the meeting, introduce the Chairperson, advance the presentation slides and open polls on queue, whilst managing the audience experience.

Live stream latency is something we are fully prepared and trained for to ensure that both the live meeting and broadcast seamlessly appear intime.

Post event we will wrap up the entire production with fully auditable reports and live meeting video.