Creating Votes

Two methods of voting are available. Live Votes and Pre-Votes. If voting is to be open for a long period of time e.g. days or weeks, please utilise the pre-vote functionality.

If instant polling of 100s of simultaneous votes and live on screen results are required, use the live votes module.

Note that a pre-vote can be paused and then converted to a live vote, if a hybrid of the two approaches is needed.

To create a live vote click on create new poll.

Enter the question text e.g. Approval of fees for the year.

Enter the options available e.g. For, Against, Abstain, on individual lines.

Select if the vote will be one person one vote or weighted, according to the number of shares assigned to a participant, as part of the participant upload process.

Results can be displayed as numbers, percentages or a combination of the two.

It is also possible to allow more than one selection, for example in the case of a committee election where more than one position is available. Enter the minimum and maximum selections required to enable this feature.

Votes can be run individually, by selecting the poll icon then following the onscreen prompts or grouped together and polled as a group.

If a vote needs to be re-run, this can be done by either duplicating the poll (if the record of the initial vote is still required) or by selecting clear results and then reopening the poll.

Click on the Create new Pre-Votes icon

You will be asked for a name, pre-votes are automatically created as a group, the name you provide at this stage is for this group of questions

Once the group is created, click on the create new question icon.

Follow the same instructions for live votes to create the individual questions. The reference component can be ignored, as there is no requirement to import results to other Lumi products.

Once all questions have been created click on the Start icon to make the polls active.