How to operate the dashboard


To move a question, click on the icon to the right of the question. You can also select more than one question and move them together. To access the added categories, click on the three dots to the right of these icons and select “Move to Extra category”.

Send a message to your chairperson as a moderator

Select the tab you want to send a moderator message to. Click in the “send message” box, type your message, and click the send button to the right. Your moderator message will appear in a darker color to be easily differentiable from a question.

Edit a question

You can edit a question by clicking the three dots to the right of it and selecting Edit.

View attendance.

The top right device icon will display the number of connections in your meeting. This includes both participants and guests. By click on it, you can view the total connections separated by participants (shareholders) and guests. You can also see the details of the last 50 connected.