Lumi Product Update October 2019

This is the first edition of Product Update, a monthly review of news, issues and events that have occurred in the previous month and a look important upcoming events in the next. Your thoughts and opinions about content are welcome, please email

!! Lumi AGM Mobile – NEW FEATURE !!

In October (actual date TBC), there will be an update to the Lumi AGM Online Dashboard which gives users the ability to upload ‘OAuth Participants’ to a meeting directly through the Dashboard (no OAuth Tool needed!!). Further information about the feature and details of the release will be communicated via email to

Request for AGM and AGM-Like Statistics:

Please complete this form whilst onsite so we can receive your instant feedback on:

  • AGM/AGM-Like meeting Info
  • Registration/Polling details
  • Onsite setup and configurations
  • Issues Experienced; Handsets stuck on 'Sending’, GLODs etc

Without this information we are unable to get a clear picture of what might be causing these issues!

AGM Mobile Reminder

If you want to use AGM Mobile with the core software you MUST update to the latest version Quentin

AGM Troubleshooting

All issues relating to Lumi AGM or AGM Mobile will be turned into articles found at in the troublehooting section.

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Classic v Flex

When scoping your Cvent events with clients please use


Following from the Product Discussion webinar around Cvent, Frank has updated the pricing spreadsheet. This will be distributed asap.


Please sign up to to access webinar, technical sheets and sales collateral. See below for Lumi's bi-weekly training.

Demo Site

View the content website, register online, receive the confirmation email and app download information, sign-in to the app, all from


We now have an order form whereby Cvent can contract Lumi for events. Primarily focused on hardware and onsite support, so far we have recieved 3 opportunities within the first month; 2 in SA and 1 in UK.

Request for M&E Statistics

Please complete this form whilst onsite so we can receive your instant feedback on:

  • Meeting Info
  • Issues Experienced; Handsets stuck on 'Sending’, GLODs etc

Without this information we are unable to get a clear picture of what might be causing these issues!

ViewPoint Standard and Pro helpcentre

As mentioned in the product webinars, Lumi ViewPoint Standard and Pro, incl. Hub, have now been combined into one helpcentre.

To view the Pro articles in you willneed to sign in with your

If you wish your Pro clients to have access to this material please send a request to

New Click Pricing

Please note the IML Click Pricing has been revised to take into consideration the current exchange rates and to include the new offices in the Middle East and Canada. This can be found here

New Maintenance Procedures

Sam and her team have been working hard on reviewing hardware maintenance procedures and shall be rolling them out during October. This, in conjunction with the request for statistics, should help us resolve any hardware issues going forward.

Acceptable use of Email

The email account Lumi provides you with is strictly for Lumi business only, nothing personal. This is pretty standard practice, and in place for several reasons. I know it might be hard, but please just remember this… we’re turning on more and more controls and settings and scanning for inappropriate content. Rahul, myself and the Office 365 admins don’t want to see or read these emails, so move them to a personal/private account ensuring we can’t.

Security questionnaires take time (…a long time!)

If you’ve recently had the pleasure of managing a prospect’s security or third party risk questionnaire… then you will know this well! We are experiencing a high volume of these requests currently, and they are taking much longer to complete than our client’s expect. It’s highly likely the client will have to sign an NDA before any information can be shared, so please bear this in mind when they send you that request. Security questionnaires, IT Due Diligence, Pen Tests… brace yourselves! What should you do as soon as you get one? Speak to me (DP).

September Archived Webinars

19 September 2019

Cvent Strategic Meetings Management & Cvent Supplier Network - AWAITING

17 September 2019

Product Discussion: Cvent Pricing and FOC modules

5 September 2019

Cvent Social Tables

Upcoming October Webinars

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Speaker Resource Centre & Abstract Management

3 October 2019

Jumpstarter Webinar

15 October 2019

Lead Capture & Appointments

17 October 2019


31 October 2019

Ask Anything

October TBC

Remember, 1st line support is always the local OpCo.

For all LastPass, 365, and Product issues contact the above email address as this goes to the entire Product team.

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