Add Company

NOTE: For removing companies, follow the adding companies steps, but don’t add an image and just remove the row(s) in the json instead of adding a new row. Do NOT remove images from the S3 bucket! SEE EMPTY JSON TEMPLATE IF YOU ARE REMOVING ALL COMPANIES. DO NOT UPLOAD AN EMPTY FILE – YOU WILL BREAK THE WHOLE SITE.

To add a company: Create an image for the company. Ideally, there is a GIMP file available for use, or if you can’t get hold of that, you can use the following image and edit over that. Save the image as a .png. When you save it, make sure you compress the image, but not so much that it pixelates. In GIMP, compression level 7 is ideal. When you hover over the image, it should be less than 15KB. WARNING: Uploading large files will slow the site down! Please keep images small. Gather the company details. You will need:

  • Company Name
  • Date Of Meeting
  • Image Name
  • Your region e.g. AU, BE, CA, FR, HK, ME, NL, SA, UK, US
  • The ‘LumiConnect’ Meeting URL