Scroll up to the top of the screen, then click the bucket name to get back up to the top level.

Go into the ‘json’ folder

You will now see json files. The next steps show how to download your region, edit it, then re-upload (MAKING SURE YOU SET PERMISSIONS TO PUBLIC WHEN YOU UPLOAD).

ALWAYS BACK UP THE ORIGINAL FILE YOU DOWNLOAD. IF YOU UPLOAD BAD JSON, THE WHOLE SITE WILL STOP WORKING! In the json folder, download the json for your region (I’m downloading UK)

Immediately take a backup of the downloaded file!

(copy and paste in the same location will do)

Next, open the file in a text editor.

Copy a previous section and add the new company details, then save. Make sure you name the company correctly, as this is what the website uses to search on! Note: Ignore the urls in the screenshot below, they should be LUMI CONNECT URLS.

JSON SET TEMPLATE { "country": "uk", "company": "company name", "companyImage": "companyimage.png", "companyLink": "https://www.connectbylumi.com/event/eventdetails", "meetingDate": "2020-05-01" },

Note 1: The company image must be the same name as placed in the ‘img-company’ folder. Note 2: meetingDate MUST be in YYYY-MM-DD format. Note 3: The order in which you place companies doesn’t matter. They will appear alphabetically. ASIDE – IF YOU ARE REMOVING ALL ROWS, THEN THE FILE SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS { "allcompanies": [ ] }

Once you have updated the json, do the upload procedure in the ‘json’ folder as you did for the image, REMEMBERING TO SET THE VISIBILITY TO PUBLIC!