Message Moderation

  • Messaging can be turned on or off at any time during the AGM.
  • It is recommended that moderation is enabled. This ensures that any messages received can be moderated before they are either sent to the Chair for answering or before they are published back to the application. Only members logged in would see these messages.
  • The Lumi AGM dashboard can be provided to as many moderators as you wish to manage Q&A.
  • Any new messages will appear in the ‘Needs Review’ folder. The moderator can then decide to move that message to a view for the Chairman, publish to the application, sort, edit or disregard.
  • Messages that you would like your board to answer can be sent to the ‘Reviewed’ folder.
  • A screen can then be provided to your Chair who will then have sight of a very simple screen that shows a list of questions that require answering. Once the questions have been answered, they will then disappear from the screen.
  • Once answered; these questions can be archived for an end of meeting report and/or can be published out to your members to allow for further engagement and a history of questions already asked and answered.